“AIR FLAKE   FILL POWER 850” Achieved


Air Flake has achieved a weight reduction of approximately 40% as we aimed to make it bulkier and more lightweight. The sustainable high-performance insulation (winter clothing and articles) material “AIR FLAKE PREMIUM LIGHT” has been added to the lineup. Kurabo will begin sales in September 2021.




By reducing the weight of conventional 100% recycled polyester fiber, we have succeeded in reducing the weight by approximately 40% through our original technology. In terms of bulkiness, we achieved a fill power of 850 (Note 1), which is comparable to high grade down.

We have added a new ultra-lightweight version “AIR FLAKE PREMIUM LIGHT” to our lineup, which retains a high hollowness rate that was difficult to achieve with conventional recycled materials.

The filling quantity can be reduced by 40% when a product with the same degree of puffiness as the conventional one is being produced. In other words, weight reduction can be achieved without impairing the bulkiness of the final product.


  1. Application development

By taking advantage of its high bulkiness and light weight, it can be used not only for bedding such as conventional futons, but also for insulation in fashion and sports apparel which should be thinner and lighter.



(Note 1) Fill power is a unit of down bulkiness. The degree of puffiness per 30 g of down expressed in cubic inches (2.54 cubic centimeters). The higher the value, the better the quality so it is said that the highest grade down has a fill power of more than 800.

FP (fill power) measurement based on down bulkiness measurement was carried out at QTEC (Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center).